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The Institute

Education is a social process and its growth depends on active participation of social agencies.   Many Non Government Organisations are doing commendable service and have achieved even international prestige in the field of medicine, engineering and information technology disciplines.   But the area of teacher training which is the back bone of secondary education and provides trust to higher education has remained sadly neglected.


It was with this objective in view that our organization decided to start a teacher training college of B. Ed. , level  Our organization runs its own senior secondary school which is an added asset in organizing practical training of teacher trainees. Our motive is to prepare teachers to be capable and confident to face the challenges of both the present and future without stress.


Our Vision

  • To Provide education for excellence and to develop the institution into a light house of professional studies.

Our Mission

  • To serve as a link in bridging the gap between theory and practice in educational institutions.

  • To promote programs of personality development and teacher empowerment.

  • To produce teachers with sound knowledge of subject matter and command over teaching competencies.

  • To provide facilities both to teacher trainers and trainees of participation in seminars and workshops so as to broaden their professional awareness.


  • To provide effective training facilities to teacher trainees both in contents and methodology so that they develop into competent and effective teachers.

  • To develop the skills of class room  interaction leading to effective teaching learning process.

  • To prepare the teacher trainee for his new role as a facilitator of learning.

  • To motivate teacher trainees to conduct research and innovative practices

  • To promote all round development of teacher trainees and guide them in job placement.


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